Hydro cutting

Due to the advantages it combines, hydrocutting is a well-established cutting method in equipment maintenance, repair and disinvestment activities within the industrial sector.

Having as a predominant advantage its ability to cut virtually any material without the presence of heat, and in conjunction with its outstanding cutting accuracy, hydrocutting meets the requirements of a very broad range of cutting jobs. The main advantages of hydrocutting applications could be summarized to the following:

  • Absence of fire/explosion risks even at presence of flammable materials
  • Able to cut virtually any material, as well as any combination between metal and fireproof, cement or other lining
  • Absence of high temperatures means that the metallurgical properties of cut sections remain intact (no HAZ).
  • The use of automatic (pneumatic) means to control the cutting head allows personnel to be away from the cutting zone
  • Able to perform angled cuts required for pipe weld prep applications
  • Great cutting precision even at complex shapes.

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